Tips to optimize your Teachers Travel Web profile.

First of all: upload a few pictures.
For example of yourself, your home or neighbourhood, the guest room. It instantly turns you into a “real” person.

Other members want to know if you would fit in.
Don’t limit yourself to just a couple of words when you describe yourself, your home and your area. Other members have to feel confident that you’re interested in a rewarding hospitality exchange, not just some free accommodation.

List your interests and hobbies, travel plans, subjects you teach, your partner’s occupation, family members, … You’ve got 1.000 characters - feel free to use them all.
Don’t be shy about your age: the other members don’t care if you’re 25 or 75! But it does help them make a mental picture of you.

Home exchangers and house sitters particularly like to have a general idea of your home and neighbourhood before they contact you. Give them a good description of what makes your place so special.

Think like a tourist! You know your area and you’re proud of it – give a few tips of what’s worthwhile to do and see, and help potential guests or exchangers in their choice. It doesn’t all have to be touristy stuff, either!

Use the fields provided to include a couple of links. One to your school or educational organisation, but also a few “useful links” that will help potential visitors plan their trip.
We all get frustrated with links that don’t work. So, when you type in (or copy-paste) links into the “Update form”, please go to your own profile afterwards and click on them as if you were another member, to see if they work correctly.

And last but not least: decide which hospitality programmes you want to participate in. Your membership fee includes all three: free B&B Home hosting, Home exchange and House sitting.
You can change your participation in any of the programmes as many times as you like. Simply tick or untick any of the three buttons at the top of your “Update” page. These will then appear at the top of your profile.

But remember to also modify the number of guests, rooms and beds accordingly.
An example. When you receive “Home hosting” guests, you yourself occupy a room and one or two beds. But when you’re swapping homes (and are willing to make your own bedroom available to your home exchangers or house sitters), you will be able to accommodate one or two more guests, have one more room available, as well as one or two more beds.

After your update, confirm your changes by clicking on the “Finish” button at the bottom of the page.

Why don’t you log in now, and then click on “Update your profile”. It only takes a few minutes to show what a great host or guest you are!