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Home Exchange

Exchange homes with confidence

Find your ideal "home away from home". Get to know each other first.

Have you been thinking about home exchange, but never taken the step? Teachers Travel Web offers you a great opportunity to give it a try.
You can now exchange homes with other teaching professionals: people who share your level of education, professional background, lifestyle and interests. And, through their profile in the Members' area, you can get to know them before you contact them.
blue01_next.gif We even provide tips to help you make a success of it.
blue01_next.gif See the profile of Teachers Travel Web's owners Chris and Peter.

You will have the comfort of a homely base for your day trips. You don't live out of your suitcase, and you'll save lots of money on accommodation, meals and car rentals.
Home exchange is ideal for longer periods or if you have children. As an owner or tenant, your home will be looked after; pets or the garden will be taken care of, etc.

You have a second home or holiday house?

If your second home or holiday place isn't occupied all the time, why not put it up for an exchange?
Send us an email before you start on the application form so we can help you to fill it in correctly.

If you're planning a city trip, an overnight stay or a short break, Teachers Travel Web offers a great alternative. We call it Home hosting: you can stay for free with other members in Bed & Breakfast style, for up to three days. It's easy to arrange and very rewarding, because you actually get to know your hosts.

You can also enjoy House sitting, now at a special promotion rate: 15 � / 20 $ for one year, 20 � / 29 $ for a two year membership! (normal fee for 1 year: 45 � / 60 $)


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