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A teacher on her way to her host family Spain - Barcelona - Park G�ell

Home Hosting

Even better than B & B - and free!

Ideal for city trips and short breaks: no hotel costs, and advice from your hosts on top.

Home hosting is like B & B. It's even better: the beauty of Home hosting is that your hosts are there during your stay, and the personal contact often becomes the start of a new friendship. And: you don't pay anything for your stay.

If you want to stay somewhere for more than a couple of days, look into
Home exchange
or House sitting. It is included in the same low yearly fee. Now at special promotion: 15 � / 20 $  (normal fee for 1 year: 45 � / 60 $). For two years you now only pay 20 � / 29 $.

If you participate in Home hosting, you can stay with all our Home hosting members and you are offering your hospitality to them. If you stay with a member, they will not necessarily stay with you afterwards. Other members may contact you for a stay at your home.
It's all about give and take, but not necessarily between the same members.

The hospitality that you receive or offer extends to:
- a bed, use of a bathroom and a simple breakfast. Anything more is a bonus - offer it freely and accept it gratefully!
- a maximum of three nights (unless your host is willing to have you around longer).
Your children can accompany you if the host agrees. Otherwise, Home hosting is offered to yourself and your partner.

If your hosts are absent during the day, you leave before them and return after they're back. You provide your own lunch and dinner. You must be willing to "go with the flow" of the family. You are expected to fit in with their culture and routines, and be the perfect unobtrusive guest in the family home.

blue01_next.gif These tips will help you make a success of your Home hosting stay.
blue01_next.gif See the profile of Teachers Travel Web's owners Chris and Peter.

To enquire about the possibility of a Home hosting stay with another member: simply send them a message. Introduce yourself and ask if it would be convenient for them to host you on the day(s) that you have in mind.
This is how it works.

A unique and rewarding stay

-Jump into another culture and experience the food, the language, the social life.
-Rely on the support and local knowledge of your hosts.
-Cut down on the hotel and B & B costs that can make your trips so expensive.

The little extras that make all the difference

Some members will surprise you with some unexpected delights. Because they are
so enthusiastic about Teachers Travel Web and so passionate about the area they live in.

Some suggestions.
- pick-up and drop-off at the airport, train or bus station
- use of a car
- use of PC and internet
- use of the telephone
- maps, brochures and time tables for public transport
- tips about what to do and see in the region (or what to avoid!)
- a personal tour of the local highlights they're so proud of
- a visit to that typical place that you would never discover by yourself
- a visit to their local pub or restaurant
- a lunch pack
- an evening meal with home cooking (why not give your hosts a hand?)
- a get together with family, friends or neighbours
- luggage storage while you are away on a short side trip
- laundry, drying out wet gear
- advice for your shopping needs,etc.


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