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Educational organisations or publications:
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Publish our press release (underneath) in your newsletter, magazine, website, blog, ... and receive a number of free one-year memberships. You can give these away as a prize, in a draw, as an incentive, etc.
The only conditions are:
- that your organisation or publication is into education
- that you contact beforehand with: the name of your organisation; an example of your newsletter or publication, or the link to your website; and the number of your members/readers.
We will contact you with a proposal.
- that you give us proof of publication.
Contact for further details.

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Free accommodation worldwide

As a teacher, trainer, counsellor or school staff member, you can enjoy free accommodation at the home of other educational professionals (active, former or retired).

This hospitality service is offered in 27 countries (and counting!) by Teachers Travel Web.
As a member, you can enjoy Home hosting (Bed and Breakfast) for up to 3 nights or arrange Home exchanges for a longer period – all free.

Teachers Travel Web was launched by New Zealanders Mike and Tricia. It is now getting a second start with Chris, an English teacher, and her husband Peter in Antwerp (Belgium).

Why other people have joined

- eliminate accommodation costs
- enjoy a unique and free alternative to B&B’s
- exchange homes with confidence
- meet interesting people – all fellow educators fond of travel
- enjoy the extras offered by your hosts, like the use of a car or PC
- explore new places with the support of your hosts’ local knowledge.

An email from a recent member

“Our first experience with Teachers Travel Web was great. What wonderful, hospitable people! What a difference it makes travelling when you can interact with people who know the country. We really enjoyed our experience. We hope many more teachers will join.”

Home page:

Contact: Chris and Peter at


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