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Some of the unsolicited comments we received from members over the years

"The whole philosophy of the site is great. We will continue to spread the word.
We are staying mainly in smaller places when we have made our holiday bookings and home hosting has fitted into our trip perfectly.
We have arranged three home hostings so far and have had a couple of lovely replies from people who will be away at the relevant time one couple even asked us to join them in Spain where they will be renting a house!" John and Christine - New Zealand

"We have been absolutely delighted with the outcomes. It has far superseded our expectations.
We are already making new travel friends and are very happy with what we have experienced. This is a lovely way to meet people from around the world and to be able to economically travel." Vicki

"Thanks for offering this great service!" Ellen - USA

"Our first experience with Teachers Travel Web was great.
What wonderful, hospitable people! What a difference it makes travelling when you can interact with people who know the country. We really enjoyed our experience. We hope many more teachers will join." Rudy and Brigitta - Canada

"We've done three swaps and have had great experiences." Lyndsey and Mark -New Zealand

"We have made use of it in the past with great success." John and Denise - Australia

 "I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to visit." Annabel - Australia

"A great organization with wonderful opportunities." Theresa - USA

"It is a wonderful service and a great concept." Vinton and Karyl - USA

"This is a fantastic idea and we are very excited by the possibilities - anticipating new travels and new friendships." Jean and Richard - Canada

" And this is what Frommer's syas about Teachers Travel Web:
Teachers Travel Web Promises Free Accommodations for Teachers and School Staff
Posted by Arthur Frommer at 6/1/2010 2:07 PM EDT
Who provides these free digs? Other educators (active, former, or retired) in 29 countries. And what exactly do they offer? Bed and breakfast for up to three nights, free of charge (they also arrange home exchanges). Why do they do so? Pure idealism -- and a sense that they will be meeting other interesting, generous people fond of travel.
They will even, on occasion, provide you (the teacher) with use of a car or PC.
Who created this service? The details are all at, and are refreshingly simple: "Chris, an English teacher, and her husband Peter are continuing an initiative started by a New Zealand couple a number of years ago. Teachers Travel Web is run from our 'home office' in Antwerp (Belgium). There is no company or staff. But there is our open invitation to join this network of teachers and other educational staff."
< There is, of course, a cost -- there has to be. It is 45 for one year, and 79 for two years. But that fee is made up the first night you enjoy free accommodations. Go to the website for more information.
In my book Ask Arthur Frommer, I thought I had listed every such bonanza as this, but I somehow missed Teachers Travel Web. I'm making up for that omission now.



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