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How it works

Three easy steps to your free stays

Join now and start planning

Step 1: join

Complete the membership form and have access to the members' area for a whole year. Your partner is included. Children or other family members can accompany you if your host agrees.
Now the yearly membership fee is only 15 � / 20 $ (secure on line payment) Normal fee is 45 � / 60 $ for 1 year. For 2 years you now only pay 20 � / 29 $.
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now.                    blue01_next_2.gifWho can join?

Step 2: find other members

As a member, you are able to log in to the secure pages of the Members' area.
In the Members' profile list you can search for members in the area you want to visit.

In the list, you can click on the profile of an individual member for:
- a description of their home and the area they live in
- their interests, hobbies and favourite activities
- information on what there is to do and see, public transport, etc.

An example: profile of Teachers Travel Web's service providers Chris and Peter.

Step 3: contact other members

At first, it may feel a bit awkward to send a request for a stay to someone you don't know. You'll soon discover that it all adds to the fun. Remember: people expect to be contacted - that's why they joined!

Each member profile has a button "Contact this member".
This opens a standard email message in which you simply add your own text (your request, the reason why you want to visit their city or region, etc.)
For privacy reasons, you do not see the addressee's email address.

If you receive a request, you will see that member's email address, plus his/her first name, country, city and membership ID. We give you direct access to that member's profile via a link in that email. That allows you to have a look at his/her profile and get a better idea of the person who made contact.
If you reply, the other member will also see your email address. From then on, you don't need to log in anymore to keep in touch.

Your stays with other members

We offer three hospitality programmes: Home hosting, Home exchange and House sitting. There is no accommodation cost - just the membership fee. You can stay with other members and get the chance to welcome them in your home.



Why others joined

Australia - Melbourne - Beach cabins Enjoying dinner with our hosts Belgium - Frasnes - Gate to typical farm
France - Paris