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Privacy and security

By typing your last name in the field provided at the end of your application or renewal, you explicitly declare that you have read, understood and accepted the "Privacy and security" provisions underneath.


- Teachers Travel Web only gathers and stores personal information that is necessary for the service offered.

- We treat the information that you provide with care.
Information of members is only displayed in the secure Members' area.
Only information relevant to the service is displayed in the member profiles. We do not show the following information on the website at all: your family name, address, telephone number or email address.
That way, you cannot be identified by the information in your profile.

- Contact between members is initiated through email, directly between members. Use of the email functionality provided in the listings ensures that the sender cannot see the addressee's email address. The addressee will however see the sender's email address.
Only when you have agreed on an arrangement for home hosting, home exchange or house sitting will you have to exchange other information as well.

- Your on line membership application, update and renewal forms are secure and inaccessible to anyone but you. Your personal data go straight into the secure data base.

- Only your personal log in (username + password) gives you access to your data on the "Update your data" or "Membership renewal" pages. Other visitors to the website cannot access them.

- Your data are stored on a secure server in a professional data centre, safe from hackers and spammers (even though you may not always see your browser's symbol for a secure connection or the letter "s" for "secure" in the "https://" in the URL).

- Teachers Travel Web will never give, rent or sell any of your data to third parties.

- We will not use your data for commercial purposes.
We will of course stay in touch with you, mainly through email, to ensure that things keep running smoothly and to inform you of any interesting developments about TTW.

- If your membership expires and you have not renewed it in time, your profile will be removed from the members' listings on the expiry date. But we will keep your data in the secure database and your login will still give you access to the page where you can renew your membership.
That way, you can easily re-activate your membership again, without having to fill in a completely new membership form.

- If you want us to remove all your data from the database, please let us know at

- Teachers Travel Web cannot take responsibility if one of its members uses this website, the information on it of other members' data for unwanted purposes.
If you have the feeling that someone uses your email address for reasons other than the normal contacts between members, please let us know.
If any member is found out to use other members' data for spamming or other unwanted purposes, we will immediately remove him or her from all our listings and block his or her access to the Members' area, with no refund of membership fees possible.


- People applying for membership must give some extra information (family name, home address, phone number, etc.) that we store in the database but never show on the website.
This traceable information helps us make sure that only well-meaning people apply for membership. For the same reason, we invite prospective members to give us the website of the school or institution where they teach (or have been teaching).

- We apply a membership fee.
This will discourage people who don't want to leave a "paper trail".

- Your on line payment is handled through the secure website of PayPal, not through the Teachers Travel Web website.
We are unable to see or store your credit card or other payment data if you use PayPal, because you leave our website to carry out the payment.

- We give members the opportunity to publish pictures of themselves and their home.
This allows you to identify people and places before you receive or visit them.

- Members can provide links if they published something noteworthy about themselves on the internet (a website, a blog, a social networking website like YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, etc.).
This may give you a better idea of who they are. We cannot take responsibility for the content of these links.

- Always check if an application for a stay comes from an existing member.
You will find all the updated profiles in the Members' area, accessible with your login. If the person is not in one of the listings, he or she is not a Teachers Travel Web member. In that case, you should not accept their request for a stay.

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