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A teacher on her way to her host family Italy - Venice - Burano
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Who can join?

All educators, teachers and trainers can join

Other school staff are welcome, too. Your partner and children are included

Open to active, former and retired educational staff

You are welcome to join if you are, or if you have been, involved in teaching in any way.
Teachers Travel Web is open to school teachers, university professors, educators, trainers, counsellors and all school staff (educational or other).

It doesn't matter if you are a full timer or part timer; active, former or retired.

You can teach any subject, on any level, in youth or adult education, kindergarten or university, a day training centre or evening classes, at an educational institution, in a business organisation, as a teaching member of a hobby club, ...

And: other "school" staff are just as welcome: head masters, secretaries, librarians, pedagogical support staff,...

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Partner and children included

Your partner and children are included for Home exchange and House sitting arrangements.
For Home hosting, children or other family members may accompany you if the host agrees.

Members-only community

We limit the membership to people in teaching and education (in the broad sense of the word). That ensures that you will meet like-minded people, colleagues with whom it is easy to form a bond.
The members you'll get to know are all interested in meeting new people. We all like to exchange ideas and to learn from each other, and we all want to help each other have a great travel experience.

Hospitality, openness, trust and respect are the values that form Teachers Travel Web's backbone. We have of course thought of security issues and privacy concerns as well.



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