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Earn 3 free bonus months for every new member that applies thanks to you

We'll automatically add 3 free months to your next membership renewal.
Just make sure that the new member mentions your first and family name and the place where you live.

It's worth it! If you bring in 4 new members during your own membership, you'll get two years' membership for the price of one, next time you renew.

The only conditions are:
- that the new member has never been a member before
- that the new member applies while you are still a member
- that we receive the payment for your renewal before your current membership ends (this won't shorten your current membership period, of course).

Free memberships as a gift to your own members and readers

Publish our press release in your newsletter, magazine, website, blog,. and receive a number of free one-year memberships. You can give these away as a prize, after a draw, as an incentive, etc.

The only conditions are:
that your organisation or publication is into education
that you contact beforehand with: the name of your organisation, an example of your newsletter or publication if it is in print and/or the website, and the number of members/readers. We will contact you with a proposal.
that you give us proof of publication.



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